AEMS has worked with various architects, engineers, landscape architects, and general contractors in the Tucson area since 1993. Many of these relationships have lasted for a decade or more. The following are excerpts from several letters written by long term clients:

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Leslie West. Her firm, A/E Marketing Services, Inc. has provided marketing services to our [construction company] for over 16 years. Much of the work she has performed has been the preparation of proposals for public works construction projects where contractors are selected on a qualifications basis rather than on a competitive bid basis.

Starting when nearly all public agencies began selecting contractors on a qualifications basis, Leslie’s work was instrumental in putting our company on the map in this type of work. We had already enjoyed a good reputation for over 32 years, but our marketing materials did not reflect the quality of our company until we started working with Leslie. As contractors, we are not very good with words, but she took our minimal marketing materials and made us look as good on paper as we were in the field.

With Leslie in our corner, we are able to be highly competitive and now have much more experience than our competitors in this area. Thanks in large part to her efforts, we were able to greatly increase our hit rate on qualifications-based projects. We outpaced our competition in getting a foothold in this market, and grew our company much faster than we’d anticipated.

Our experience with Leslie has been nothing but positive. She takes charge of the process, ensures that everything is done with a high degree of quality, and always on or ahead of schedule.

I recommend her services with great enthusiasm."
--General Contracting Firm Owner

"Leslie West of A/E Marketing Services, Inc. served as the primary marketing consultant for [our firm] for nearly 11 years. During her lengthy tenure, she served in a variety of marketing roles, including writing and composing written proposals, contacting clients regarding teaming opportunities, assisting with marketing strategies, developing our “go-no-go” philosophy, preparing for interviews, critiquing communication styles and interview formats, representing our firm at pre-proposal meetings as well as finding new marketing leads.

Her abilities, attitude, work ethic and depth of expertise are exceptional. Leslie has never missed a deadline, sometimes working exceptionally long hours to meet our expectations. Leslie has been instrumental to our ongoing business development and long-term success. I highly recommend Leslie West for any marketing related consulting work."
--Landscape Architectural Firm Owner

"As President of [an architectural firm] it has been my pleasure to work closely with Leslie West of A/E Marketing Services, Inc. for over eight years. Leslie has served as our Director of Marketing and has been instrumental in preparing our proposals for clients. Leslie’s responsibilities include research, planning, strategizing, writing, editing, proof reading and graphics. During that period of time, our success rate for our written proposals has been well over 70%.

Proposal preparation must be completed within very tight time frames, typically with only a week or two advance notice of the deadline. Leslie is masterful at planning and implementation, having never missed a deadline for any of our proposals. She is extremely well organized, diligent, thorough, responsive and creative. Leslie is a truly devoted team player, dedicated to providing the highest level of service to her clients.

I believe that you will find Leslie’s skills and talents an asset and strongly recommend her to you. You will be extremely pleased with the end result."
--Architectural Firm Owner

"“I never could have pulled it off without your expertise under fire."--Mechanical Subcontractor Firm Manager